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California Region includes Alameda and Santa Clara counties! Nevada Region includes Las Vegas Clark county!
REI, The winning team in Real Estate Investment Management!

REI's mission is to provide investment opportunities with maximum return on investment and business opportunities with flexible and reliable business models.

Join the winning team of real estate investment professionals, REI Invest. REI Invest offers three comprehensive investment programs to help you build and reach your financial goals.

Want a future where finance is your abundance, available at your needs, and not your worries?

Want a future where your children and loved ones are financially secured?

Call us (877) 943-8729 for more information.

Fixed Growth

Fixed Growth investment plan is a popular choice for individuals who want a guaranteed interest rate and a stream of income risk-free. With a Fixed Growth plan, your investment principle is guaranteed to grow at the minimum of 8% annually.

For a limited time, you could receive a 10% interest rate for your return.

Performance Growth

For the risk takers aiming to grow your financial future at an exponential rate, our Performance Growth plan is a perfect fit.

By simply invest with REI, your potential profits are based on REI net profit gained for the investment year.

Portfolio Growth

For those who desire to accummulate your own property portfolios to generate life-long passive income, our Portfolio Growth plan is a perfect fit. Our Portfolio Growth plan is simple:
1. Our real estate and property management experts finds and packages potential revenue making rental properties.

2. We offer these property portfolios to you to acquire.

3. You own these property portfolios; but without the headaches of dealing with the tenants or property management tasks.

4. You simply collect the monthly potential profit.